Brian MacDonald

Ai Ventures

Achieve superhuman output leveraging your own Ai model and Ai-powered chatbots to scale content, impressions & leads in a fraction of time. 

Scale Your Content

Brian MacDonald


Ai-powered social network disrupting the online course industry.

Create and train an AI version of you that can work 24/7 and do multiple jobs at 100x the content output of a human.

This tech is improving rapidly. Learn more:

Monetize Community

Brian MacDonald

Marketing Legends

Automate lead generation with Ai-powered chatbots done-for-you

Brian MacDonald


10X your life in 10 min a day with the most inspirational coaches

Brian MacDonald
Brian MacDonald

Live shopping network featuring modern luxury goods and top influencers

Brian MacDonald


Learn how to automate client acquisition with the power of AI.

Learn how AI automates lead gen & client acquisition

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